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What are cookies?

  • While browsing a certain webpage there is an interaction between computer/device with internet connection and the server. A small file called “cookie“ is stored into computer/ device during this interaction.
  • Cookie files will load again when the webpage is revisited.
  • Cookies do not harm your computer.

Why and how are cookies used?

  • Cookies store information (e.g. preferred language, ID name, etc.), it is not necessary to fill in these information again.
  • Cookies disburden and quicken browsing.
  • Cookies optimize browsing our webpage.
  • We use session or persistent cookies on our webpage.
  • Session cookies are activated during browsing our webpage and are deleted when the current browser window is closed.
  • Persistent cookies remain stored in your device even after closing the current window and are not deleted automatically.
  • Basic cookies relate to the functionality of a webpage (e.g. form autocompletion), analytical cookies are used to analyse how people use the webpage to subsequently improve its functionality. Third-party cookies are used by external websites (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook). For the information about how the third-party cookies are used, please read the cookie statements of these websites.
  • We use cookies to remember the preferred settings (e.g. preferred language, ID name), so that you do not have to fill in the information when the webpage is revisited; to remeber that you agreed with using the cookies on our webpage; creating statistical records which help us to improve our webpage.
  • You agree with using the cookies while browsing our website.

How to manage cookies?

  • Cookies can be managed in your browser’s settings. You can easily remove and block cookies, or set a notice in case that cookies are to be send to your device.
  • Most browsers automatically accept cookie files. You can configure your own browser's settings. You will find the instructions in your browser’s help or in its menu.  After changing the settings, however, we are not able to guarantee full functionality of our website.
This website uses cookies in order to provide the most comfortable browsing experience of our content. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies. More information about cookies